How we look after your information - Our information charter

We collect and store information from you to:
•    give you the right advice 
•    find your details if you need another service 
•    share with our partners so they can help you (we will ask you first) 
•    inform our research and campaigns 
•    share with funders to show the impact of the work we do 
•    find your details however you contact us When using your information, we will: 
•    keep it safe and make sure nobody sees it who should not 
•    take it very seriously if your information is not used properly or kept safe 
•    follow data protection laws that protect how information about you is used 
•    not share information without your permission, unless required to do so by law or it is the right and necessary thing to do 
•    not sell your personal information to commercial organisations for our gain 

When we ask for personal information, we promise to: 
• make sure you know why we need it and how it will be used 
• let you decide what you want to tell us  • consider how a use of your data might affect you, and get your consent where needed Your rights You can find out if we hold any personal information about you by making a request to us. If we do hold information about you, you can request we: 
•    give you a description of it 
•    tell you why we are holding it and how we’re using it 
•    tell you who could see it 
•    give you a copy of the information we hold about you 
•    delete or stop using your data, if you ask us to 
•    update or change your information 
•    let you move your data elsewhere or from elsewhere to us 

For further information, speak to your local Citizens Advice or see our privacy policy