Healthwatch Portsmouth

Speak up about health and social care in Portsmouth


Healthwatch is the independent champion for health and social care in England.

Working locally in Portsmouth, we give children, young people and adults a powerful voice - making sure their views and experiences are heard by those who run, plan and watch over health and social care services in the city.   

The work we do is influenced by our members, the general public and local organisations and we want to hear from you about your experiences with local services that you use.

We are committed to putting local people and their views at the heart of health and social care services in Portsmouth.

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What is Healthwatch?

What we do

Healthwatch Portsmouth helps people get the best out of their local health and social care services; whether it’s improving them today or helping to shape them for tomorrow.

Healthwatch is all about local voices being able to influence the delivery and design of local services that they use. Through a committed staff team and a brilliant dedicated group of volunteers, we:

  • Provide people with information, advice and support about local health and social care services.
  • Gather views and experiences of local people on the way services are delivered and provided.
  • Influence local services based on the evidence that we gather and through our position on the Health and Wellbeing Board in the city.
  • Work with other Healthwatch organisations to build a national picture of people’s views on health and social care services.
  • Offer support and guidance to those people that wish to make a complaint about NHS care.
  • Healthwatch Portsmouth is made up of local people who want to get involved in improving services. Anyone can join and help influence the work of Healthwatch in the city.

Copies of all our reports can be found in our information centre

How do we work?

Based within the family of Learning Links (Southern) Ltd, Healthwatch Portsmouth:

Uses a range of communication channels (face-to-face, email, social media, paper surveys, telephone, focus groups) to reach out, listen to and understand users of Portsmouth’s health and social care services;

Works closely with the voluntary, public and private sectors to enable them to provide accessible, high quality care based on patient/user feedback, evaluation, participation and research;

Employs a partnership approach with key stakeholders and volunteers to applaud, challenge, question and review in the pursuit of best practice in health and social care, informed by the public’s opinion;

Contributes the local voice to the deliberations and strategy of the Health and Wellbeing Board and commissioning bodies;

Form more information please visit Healthwatch Portsmouth website

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What customers say

“I was very low when I came to the CAB, with debts and problems everywhere. I am now a lot happier, as I pay one sum of money each month and get left alone by creditors”.