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We all owe money to various people all the time: bills are a fact of life. But, from time to time, you may find yourself overwhelmed by your debts, and can't see a way of paying them all. Dealing with money issues can sometimes be off-putting, but if you don't understand how things like credit or mortgages work, you could end up losing out financially or getting yourself deep in debt. Help is available to find a way of dealing with them.

At Citizens Advice Portsmouth we operate a specialist Money Advice Service where we can advise you on all aspects of money and the appropriate debt options available to you. We can help you with preparing a financial budget statement and negotiate with creditors. If you would like us to help you in this way you can chat with one of our specialist money advisers - by visiting us at our office based in Winston Churchill Avenue  and meet with an adviser. 

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We also operate a Money Advice Service at various outreaches to assist clients with a wide range of issues and have specialist money advisers at the following locations:

We press for improvements in how people in debt are treated by creditors or the law by using our knowledge of how people are affected by current rules.

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For self help in dealing with debt problems, there is information and an online budgeting tool on the national Citizens Advice website via

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Alternatively, there is a booklet 'Dealing with your debts' written by the Money Advice Trust. Click here to download a copy from their website or call into Ark Royal House for a paper copy.

Case Study:
Our customer is a pensioner with a modest level of debt and a modest income, with no chance of repaying her debts within her lifetime. She had been paying large amounts that she could not afford into a debt management plan arranged via an independant agency.

We assisted her with applying for a Debt Relief Order. This was successful and she is now protected from her creditors for a 12 month period, at the end of which all of her debts will be cleared.

Case Feedback:
“I was very low when I came to Citizens Advice Portsmouth, with debts and problems everywhere. I am now a lot happier, as I pay one sum of money each month and get left alone by creditors”.

“The staff were always helpful when assisting me with sorting my debt out. I went to other people for help and they made me feel bad about myself, but the Citizens Advice Portsmouth made me feel at ease”.

“I was given advice in a very none-judgemental manner and learned that I can access funds from other sources to help my financial situation”.

“Citizens Advice Portsmouth helped me to decide which was the best path to take, regarding debt management for my own circumstances”.

Other contacts if you have personal debts are:

National Debtline: 0808 808 4000

StepChange Debt Charity: 0800 138 1111

Payplan: 0800 280 2816

Portsmouth City Council Money Advice Team (for City Council tenants and leaseholders only)

Business Debtline0800 197 6026 (this is only if you have business debts)

What customers say

“I was very low when I came to the CAB, with debts and problems everywhere. I am now a lot happier, as I pay one sum of money each month and get left alone by creditors”.