Some bailiffs 'still abusing powers', debt charities say

Some bailiffs are still abusing their powers when trying to recover debts, despite changes to the law three years ago, say debt advice charities.

The laws to regulate bailiffs in England and Wales were aimed at protecting debtors from any unfair behaviour.

But a consortium of charities says these new rules have failed to rein in some rogue bailiffs.

One industry body said the system had improved but could be better.

The government will soon begin a review of the laws.

Bailiffs are typically used by creditors, on the authority of the courts, to seize property if debtors fail to pay what they owe.

The 2014 laws should have provided debtors with protection against over-aggressive bailiffs.

What customers say

“I was very low when I came to the CAB, with debts and problems everywhere. I am now a lot happier, as I pay one sum of money each month and get left alone by creditors”.